Pro Cutter – The World’s #1 Mechanical Cow

Pro Cutter™ is the untouched leader in electronic horse training equipment, and recognized worldwide as the “ultimate mechanical cow.”  Pro Cutters are being used to train horses in many competitive events such as cutting, reined working cow horse, ranch sorting, reining, team penning, roping, etc. They’re also being used by horse owners everywhere wanting to improve their horse’s performance or their own riding skills. With seven different models, numerous accessories and upgrades available, you can customize your Pro Cutter™ package to your individual needs.

 “Why is Pro Cutter  the undisputed leader in

equine training equipment?”

some of our many friends and long-time customers…



Announcing the new PRO CUTTER 1503PL which has all the features of our standard PC1503 with two exciting upgrades:

Programmable LIMITS

Single Pre-Programmed Training Run



ball install #5NEW!

The long awaited “Eye-Ball” [Patent Pending] is now available! This exciting and innovative training ball is smoother than a cow, more stable than a flag, and provides a constant dimensional target for the horse.  “Read More”